Bukruk 2016

Here is the video I did with my students for the festival:

3 years after our first Bukruk festival, I teamed again with Bukruk organizers to provide them video content for their festival. Bukruk is a Urban art festival that took place in Bangrak area, Bangkok between  23 to 29 January 2016. Wall Painting is the most spectacular activity of the festival and its legacy on the streets of Bangkok inspired so many people.

This is the video teaser of Bukruk 2016, I edited this video to promote the festival

This year, I involved my University and my students on the festival, many of them became artists helpers and I worked with a core of 3 students to document the whole festival. Sadly during the shooting, my girlfriend’s cancer became terminal and she passed away on the 29th of January, making me useless during the production stage. Luckily my students managed to do the work by themselves. Post-Production took me more time than planned, it was difficult to handle due to the emotions associated to the shooting and also my lack of presence on managing the shooting. We had to reshoot a few times some extra scenes and interviews a few months after the festival was over. This movie is dedicated to Supaporn Kongrajong, I wish you could have seen those walls too.

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