Visuals for Ladytron live in Bangkok

Dudesweet, a Bangkok based party and event organizer contacted me in november 2011 to design and play visuals for the band Ladytron. They came to play at LED club, RCA on the 7th of December 2011. For this project, I teamed with the Wetcarpet studios, another VJ collective I work often with
We decided that using the LED screen from the club was too bright and preferred to use projection instead. It was not an easy installation as we needed to install a screen behind the band with no budget.

We used my 12mx3m curtain that we fold 3 times and placed it right in front of the LED screen. We placed the projectors sideways and use a circle mask to hide the distortion from the projection.
From time to time we used the LED screen in the background, which could be seen as the curtain is semi-transparent. For the visuals we played a large array of mixed vintage videos with effects.

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